These are most of the audio files used during the show. As this is for special guest hosts, not all are required to use so that the host can add his/her own special touch and additions. If anything is missing or help is needed in finding other possible files to use, please contact me right away.

Thank you so much for taking the reigns and doing the show!!!

Opening Theme

Opening Cont'd

Played after introducing stations

Day Exclusive Music

Monday: Manic Monday (Edit)

Friday: Thank God It's Friday

Friday: Finally Friday (Coming Soon)

Time To Rise And Shine

Played after Drive-By Comedy bit after first song

Dude Lee Dunn Rite

Feature Jingles

Cover Song Of The Week: (Thursdays)

          USE: Bruce Springsteen - Cover Me

Showtune/Movie Song Of The Week (Tuesdays)

          USE: Meco - Movie Medley

Today In History

Top Of The Hour

Use Top Of All Three Hours

          Sweeper - Listening To The Steve Jarrott Morning Show

Top Of Hours 2 & 3 (After Comedy bits)

          Sweeper - All Th Stupidity Gathered In One Place...

Closing Theme

NEW! Recorded January, 2022

          MS - Closing Theme


YouTube's Got Talent

Used For Open and Close

          Irene Cara - Fame (Edit with Instrumental)

          MS - Fill Coffee You Tube's Got Talent Next

          Sound FX - GONG

The GONG is also inserted after the singing on the first play of FAME

News Of The Weird

Birthday Segments

Dry Incidentals



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